2min health check

Do you have that nagging feeling that there is something that doesn’t feel right but it is difficult for you to know how to deal with it?

The problem is systemic

Over and over again, in meetings with managers and team leaders I recognize this pattern:

There are opportunities for improvement but the conditions for the team do do something about it are simply not there.

And here is what I’ve found out…

It’s not about bad leadership or lack of motivation, the #1 problem is something completely different. Do you know what I’m thinking of? 

The solution can be really simple

Yes you might think, it can be simple. But how do you know?

What if, you were able to do a quick super-short mini assessment to health-check your improvement capability?

What if the result helps you create shared understanding of what needs to be done? Something you together with your team can have an conversation about, why things are the way they are and what options you have?

You are invited!

I’m inviting you to try this assessment out with me. I will create an unique assessment instance for you to try all by yourself or you can share the link to other members of your team.

After completion, you will have the opportunity to schedule a 20 min online meeting over video with me to debrief the result and explore possible options based on real-life experience from working with teams over the last 10 years.

Agendashift is a modern, inclusive, and fundamentally outcome-centric approach to organisational transformation. Its roots are in Lean-Agile but it remains framework-agnostic by intent and design. It is delivered via an online assessment/analytics tool, workshops, and follow-on assistance and technical training as needed. It has been applied both inside and outside of IT and across diverse industries, both technology-centric and otherwise.

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