Using images to capture current situation

Hi there!

Sometimes when I work with a group. I use images to get the conversation started. Each person is given a set of cards and are asked to select images that they can relate to.

The cards selected can then be the ground for further conversations. What are the different cards selected, what do people relate to? Do they share the same experience or do they have different views on what is happening or what the impact of situations are.

I’m curious if this is something you are interested to try? 

Look at the different images below, select / mark the images you can relate to. After that, look at the images and select one or a combination and try to capture a short narrative adding your context to the images.

What you will get back in return is this:

  1. We will create a one-page that we will mail back to you with the images selected and your narrative.
  2. We will also give examples (if possible) of what other groups have done to approach similar situations.
  3. If enough information is collected, we will create some kind of summary report and also share that with you when available.

The value we hope to create for you is to be able to capture your situation so that you can start having conversations around what is going on and also what and if you want to do something about it. And use the examples as possible options to consider.

What do you say?

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